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www.premiumtollfreevanity.com gives you all the tools to be successful marketing superstar for your business with less effort and lot less money than any other program in the market, if you find a better one, you can get LIFETIME FREE membership to our platform. All we ask you to compare is, apples to apples, features to features, and uniqueness to uniqueness.

No Installation Hassles:

No hardware or software to install. Purchase license and get started

Easy To Remember Numbers:

Memorable and unique phone number. Get more leads with vanity numbers

Text/SMS and Email Marketing:

Platform provides powerful SMS marketing and Email marketing, with features that save you time such as personalization of SMS and Email messages, custom templates for SMS and Email messages and scheduling ahead of time, and much more.

Coupons & Deals:

Send discounts, deals and/or coupons to callers as automated text message

Call Recordings & Voicemail:

Access call recordings anytime and your voicemails are delivered to your emai.

Custom Templates.:

Custom templates for texts, emails. Use customer placeholders in your texts and emails.