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Memorable Phone Number, Bulk Sms, Mass Email, Unlimited Contacts

We increase your leads, simplify your customer engagement with all-in-one marketing solution

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Feature \ Provider Other Toll Free Vanity services Email Services SMS services Speed dial Service Our Platform
Memorable Toll Free Number
SMS Marketing
Email Marketing
Coupon Generation Maybe Maybe
Cross Channel Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Voice and Text Keywords Text only Voice Only
Reporting and Automation Maybe Email only Texts only Calls only
Pricing Expensive Email only SMS Only Super Expensive Very Affordable – All inclusive
Note! Any random toll free number is not Toll Free Vanity number
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No Installation Hassles
No hardware or software to install. Purchase license and get started
Easy To Remember Numbers
Memorable and unique phone number. Get more leads with vanity numbers
Coupons & Deals
Send discounts, deals and/or coupons to callers as automated text message
Text & Calls
Automate Texting, Bulk Texting, Call tracking, Text tracking
Call Routing
Route calls to any and multiple phones, Intelligent call routing based on areacode
Custom Templates
Custom templates for texts, emails. Use customer placeholders in your texts and emails.
Realtime Reporting
All call and text reports are updated in realtime.
Call Recordings & Voicemail
Access call recordings anytime and your voicemails are delivered to your email

Quick Activation

Number ready to use in minutes

Custom Options

Call Forwarding, Voicemail and Sms options


Realtime reporting of calls, sms and emails