Dramatically increase inbound calls. It is known fact that inbound calls convert at much higher rates than outbound calls.

Stand out in crowd with very easy, unforgettable and authoritative toll free vanity number

Provide benefit to every caller in terms of coupon/discounts/directions/hours/app download or anything of value. The Text/SMS is delivered while the caller is still talking to you often

Route the calls by geography, by area codes to different phones, one or multiple

Send one or bulk SMS's to communicate with your customers, give them something more like discounts/coupons/special deals etc

Tracking of every Call, Text/SMS, and Email gives you complete control on your marketing planning, and execution

Call recording to review and properly train your employees

Spend as little time as you want and schedule all activities ahead of time for Bulk Text/SMS and Email marketing, or devise innovative campaigns every day

Meaningful analytics on call details, SMS details, Emails for crafting better customer communication strategy

Project your company's brand and image as big corporate with tech savvy marketing

Cost effective compared to any other means of marketing

Higher return on investment