5 tools to increase 10 Times more calls/texts from inbound marketing

Just 5 tools, beside several more that platform offers and can offer.

  • 1.Memorable number
  • 2. Call tracking
  • 3. Texting feature on the number being called
  • 4. On-demand coupon delivery to your callers and texters
  • 5. Option of being in touch with SMS or email, Email marketing on same platform. Read Full Blog..

Vanity Numbers to Capture Leads: Home Improvement Industry

It’s given that customers have several choices when it comes to ordering services for their home improvement. They may choose someone they have already worked with in the past or most often rely on reviews or brand name of the company to avoid headaches and complication with home improvement projects.

I stress brand name again, because this is one of the key factor for the home owner to decide when they are putting in lot of money in home improvement projects. Even if they hire someone less known based on reviews they feel compelled to track and bargain on pricing. They will make sure time and again that the contractor is really worth hiring . Read Full Blog..

Lead Generation - Outbound Vs Inbound; Generic Vs Brand Building

In any service business lead generation is one of the biggest tasks, the success of which determines the success of the business. Customers are life blood of the business, and more leads the business can generate, more chances of converting them to customers and thus revenue.

The traditional lead generation methods are mostly outbound, where the business calls, sends out mail, or promotes with offers online, or in social media. Other recent trend is to buy leads from companies and pay them per lead. Many of these methods generate contacts but may not be true leads, they are testing waters, or checking out what you have to offer. They might not have real need for your services or offerings, but since they saw your promotion, they might click on it to learn more without actually thinking about buying, they may end up buying your services but the percentage is low compared to the leads who call or connect with you for real need to be met. Incentives matter but when everyone is presenting the same kind of incentives there is no real connection between your business and the crowd you are promoting to. The minute you stop promoting online or offline, your business is unknown to the crowd, and that prompts businesses to constantly pump in money in marketing or just have someone manage it or simply yet, just buy the leads. Read Full Blog..

Call tracking at keyword level for quality lead generation using text enabled Premium Vanity phone numbers

Call tracking for marketers is critical to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. Tracked call can tell them where the call is coming from and from which channel. It creates correlation between your campaign result, content quality and channel effectiveness.

The business goal always is to get as many leads( as possible with every campaign. Tracking calls only during the campaign using temporary numbers add no value after the campaign is over and even if a potential client has that phone number written somewhere to call, but when the potential customer calls a month or two after campaign completion, that temporary assigned number may be deactivated or assigned to someone else, thus losing the potential business. Often time’s customers do not act on impulse but they do act when they have need. Read Full Blog..

Boost Your Bakery Business with Unique In-bound Marketing Tool

The bakery cafe or the juice bar arrangement nowadays appeals to consumers of different age groups. The nice cozy ambiance emitting aroma of freshly baked food items or freshly squeezed juice provides the perfect backdrop for meetings, get-together, and hang outs.

Here are few facts pertaining to the baked food and juice bar industry in the USA that directly establishes the growing demand in the nation:

  • Bakery cafes revenue share is $7bn with annual growth of 5.8% from 2010-15;
  • Doughnut stores generate revenue up to $14bn with annual growth rate of 4.7% from 2011-16
  • Juice and smoothies bar generate revenue up to $2bn with annual growth of 2.8% from 2011-16
  • Pizza restaurants perform well with $40bn revenue generation but growth rate is only 1.2%
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Earn More Revenue from Beauty Services by Using the Best All-in-one Marketing Tool

The U.S. cosmetic industry is expected to generate revenue amounting to around $63 billion in the year 2016, with projected annual growth rate of 3.8% till 2018. However to gain a piece of this big consumer spend companies in beauty segment need to be prepared, with proper planning, strategy and appropriate marketing tools that deliver results.

Few Challenges Faced By Small to Mid-Size Companies Offering Beauty Services and Products:-

  • Absence of a well thought out marketing strategy
  • Inadequate planning to balance the supply and demand
  • Inability to understand changing demands of buyers
  • Inefficient on-time delivery system
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The Essential Best Practices to Follow For In-Bound Calls

Consumer behavior has changed over years which has prompted companies to adopt different types of marketing strategies. This has provided the in-bound marketing movement a solid boost. With its ability to engage, attract and delight customers and prospects, in-bound marketing has been able to maintain a competitive edge over conventional marketing.

Present statistics indicates that people no more are receptive to traditional marketing methods because of the way these are executed. Imagine a situation when you are in the midst of an important meeting and you suddenly receive a cold call from a marketer who tries hard to convince you about his company products. Read Full Blog..

Grow Community and Attendance with One Exceptional Tool

Gone are the days when non-profit organizations used to rely on contributions of volunteers to spread their noble messages.

The conventional community marketing or cause marketing concept has undergone significant transformation. Organizations are adopting new practices like inbound marketing, SMS marketing, Mobile apps, and many more to reach out to greater number of people in shortest time.

The challenge for many charities, non-profit and religious organizations is to find an easy to use tool with cost and reach efficiencies build in.

They need a tool that can do all they need to reach and communicate with their audience, they need an all-in-one marketing software. Read Full Blog..

All-In-One Must Have Inbound Business Marketing Tool in 2017

In today’s competitive world it is essential that you have effective marketing plan, no matter how small your business is. Just the mere idea of putting money to buy separate software for Toll Free Vanity Numbers, Phone System, Business SMS/Text marketing, Email Marketing, automation, CRM, content management, SEO would deter many from taking the next step.

Solution in such scenarios comes in the form of all-in-one inbound marketing tool.

An inbound marketing platform is basically defined as an integrated package that aims at bringing potential customers towards your company, product or service

This is the new-age marketing concept which is very different from the conventional one where the product or service is pushed to the client Read Full Blog..

Best practices for effective and successful Email Marketing Campaign

The email marketing concept came into existence almost 38 years back when Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corp sent out first mass electronic mail to promote his company products. Though he targeted a miniscule 400 potential customers that time, the strategy worked instantly

Since then email is reigning as the king of digital channels because of its ability to create valuable, personal touch

When it comes to devising a successful internet marketing strategy, you just can’t overlook the power of email. Still there is a certain section of naysayers who feel that most emails die their natural death as a majority of recipients simply delete unknown messages the moment they enter the inbox. Is this true or statistics indicates otherwise? Read Full Blog..

7 Best practices for SMS/Text Message Marketing - Think Out of the box

SMS, as a marketing tool, came into prominence from around mid 2000. Since then conventional marketing techniques have taken a backseat as SMS or Text messaging continues to dominate the market. Now that Smartphone has reached almost every hand, this has further boosted Text marketing

SMS Marketing – Few Interesting Facts and Figures

There are certain fascinating facts that support extensive acceptance of mobile marketing. For instance, more than 50% consumers in the US take purchase decision based on SMS branded text. Almost 80% Smartphone users trust SMS opt-in service to decide what to buy and what not. Companies resorting to SMS marketing technique can expect 40% growth in revenue in 2017. Read Full Blog..

Easy to Remember Phone Phrase - Add Unique Edge to Business Marketing with Services

Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers is a big part of business marketing, it is to produce more in-bound calls for business. Businesses spend big on marketing to acquire and retain customers, provide value to customers, and inform public about their products and services. With proper Vanity phone number a business can hit jackpot and with little effort get lots of customers calling them. The real value of Custom Phone Number is when it is Unique, create a unique appeal for customers to call in when they need the advertised services, and have tremendous quick recall value of the Toll Free Vanity Number without much effort, and association of Vanity phrase or word with the services being offered.

Vanity Numbers at are unique, one of a kind, with effortless appeal value for customers to call, quick recall value and very strong association with the services that they represent. At we have majority of numbers as a complete phrase such as THIS IS SHOP which translates to 844 747 7467. Toll Free Vanity Number with complete phrase has lots of advantages, it is only kind one can have in USA/Canada regions. Read Full Blog..

10 Reasons To Use Complete Business Marketing Platform from SMS/Text, Email, and In-bound Calls.

In this day and age, customers have tools to locate and find what they need. They may not get what is best for them but at least they have options to find out what is out there with click of a button. Smart devices have further made it simpler to locate services and options with variety of mobile apps.

Small business owners try their best to retain the priority in customer's preference and loyalty, but customers have the freedom to choose anyone else over them. Today's small businesses need tools which constantly remind the customer of their business existence, and value their business can add by providing product and services that customers need. Read Full Blog..

What is Toll Free Vanity Phone Number?

In simple terms it is a toll free number which is easy to remember. How easy it should be, to be called a phone vanity is debatable, but companies try to sell their number as vanity with just an option that allows you to choose a number, instead of system assigning a random number.

Like with any car number plates which DMV assigns at random, phone numbers are assigned by phone companies in somewhat similar manner, they do follow standards set up by the FCC and availability of numbers when they assign you numbers. Read Full Blog..

Small Business Marketing – A No-brainer

Platform that provides memorable toll free vanity phone number, voice and text keywords , phone calls, SMS/text, email, social media and automation on one Platform. Read Full Blog..

Lookup Best 844 Vanity Phone Numbers For Your Business

Try For FREE! Search and License Best 844 Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers. 844 Toll Free Number prefix are great for your Small Business Marketing - SMS/Text and Email Marketing Included. Read Full Blog..

Toll Free Vanity Numbers increases your sales by making your business number rememberable and easy.

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