Small Business Marketing – A No-brainer

Best practices for SMS/Text Message Marketing

Businesses want an all-rounder version of the marketing tool that is affordable but often times end up with limited version of the marketing tool which goes beyond their budget.

There are tools that do email marketing and only email marketing , and there are tools that do only text marketing with or without alien sounding short codes. There are vanity number providers, there are telecom companies that charge all kinds of fees. You get the picture.

No solution in market at present combines power of memorable toll free number , SMS/text, email and automation at an affordable price.

The wait is over.

We worked hard and long to bring you a solution that makes you smile when you see the price and gives you all kind of ideas when you see the feature list. It includes memorable toll free number with authoritative phone phrase, in-bound phone calls, voice keywords, text keywords,SMS marketing , email marketing, personalization, automation, social media broadcasting and easy , intuitive interface. We even got APIs to integrate with your existing marketing, if you want.

Check our comparison chart with other providers:-

Other Toll Free Vanity number services Email Marketing Services SMS Marketing Services Speed dial Services (#250) Our Platform
High Recall Toll Free Vanity number for your trade
– Only mobile phones can use #250
Voice Keywords
Text Keywords
SMS Marketing
Email Marketing
Coupon Generation Maybe Maybe
Auto response to Calls and Texts Maybe Texts only Calls only
Cross Channel Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Built in CRM Maybe Maybe Maybe
Real time reporting Only for emails Only for texts Only for calls Yes for calls, SMS,Texts, and Emails.
Automation and Auto Scheduling Emails Texts Yes for SMS/Text and Emails.
Pricing Expensive for Nationwide coverage Depends on number of contacts Depends on number of texts. Reasonable Runs in several thousand per geographic region/month Very Affordable
To learn more about the platform, check out this demo video. Limited free accounts to qualified small businesses aiming for growth.