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Best practices for SMS/Text Message Marketing
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SMS, as a marketing tool, came into prominence from around mid 2000. Since then conventional marketing techniques have taken a backseat as SMS or Text messaging continues to dominate the market. Now that Smartphone has reached almost every hand, this has further boosted Text marketing.

SMS Marketing – Few Interesting Facts and Figures

There are certain fascinating facts that support extensive acceptance of mobile marketing. For instance, more than 50% consumers in the US take purchase decision based on SMS branded text. Almost 80% Smartphone users trust SMS opt-in service to decide what to buy and what not. Companies resorting to SMS marketing technique can expect 40% growth in revenue in 2017.

Consumers are more receptive to mobile coupons as statistics says that the redemption rate of SMS coupons is 10 times higher than their printed counterparts. If you are worried about Spam messages then you would be assured to know that only 10% of SMS marketing messages are fakes.

The above mentioned statistics indicates that in coming years SMS marketing will play a key role in deciding a business’s success, provided the strategy is applied correctly. No wonder then that more and more companies are looking for innovative yet fruitful ways to apply SMS/text marketing to beat opponents in this competitive market.

Best practices for SMS/Text Marketing

Before adopting SMS marketing strategy you should know the rules and regulations that control this particular segment. Here we discuss 7 important commandments following which you can derive maximum benefit from text message marketing while adhering to necessary guidelines.

  1. Acquire User Consent

    Just because you have contact numbers, you are not free to send marketing messages to anyone. The user must actively opt-in to receive your text messages while sharing the phone number. By sending unsolicited SMS, you may incur heavy fines. This can impact your business image in the market.

    If you are wondering how to get user consent then simply visit www.premiumtollfreevanity.com, to know about our transparent opt-in confirmation service. Your customer can opt-in for promotional messages by texting to the toll-free vanity number with approved keyword; else he can call the number too and enter your code.

    When you receive user consent, it creates greater responsibility. Therefore along with opt-in, the subscriber should be provided a clear way to opt out of the SMS/ Text marketing campaign anytime he wants. Such transparency helps the user establish his credibility in the market.

  2. Focus on Text Language

    There is no set of rules that determine the body of text. Still it is advised that you keep the SMS simple, clear and grammatically correct. Yes, it is true that you have to manage with 160 characters but then don’t use shorthand to spoil the content!

    Your SMS should look like it is written by an experienced businessman or professional and not some teenager! So stay away from words like '2' for 'to', 'U' for 'you', 'gr8' for 'great', 'dis' for 'this' and so on.

  3. Right Time to Text

    You need to decide carefully when to send the SMS. A midnight beep that wakes up your customer is likely to irritate him more, no matter how enticing the offer is. Hence it is advised that you stick to normal/expected hours to send text messages.

    At the same time, this is also true that right messages at the right time can prove to be quite effective. Visit www.premiumtollfreevanity.com to know about our text scheduling tool that lets you send bulk as well as single SMS/Text messages at specific day and time.

  4. Send SMS as part of cross channel marketing

    A study says that customer response rate is 40% higher when SMS is included in multi-channel marketing . Premiumtollfreevanity tool lets you leverage SMS by weaving it into your cross-channel marketing campaign.

    For instance say you are an artist planning to organize an art exhibition. You could set up a schedule that sends SMS to your contacts informing them about the upcoming event. You can further follow up with email if the SMS fails to garner enough response.

  5. Be Innovative and Create Value for Customers

    Campaigns often fail either because users don’t understand the incentive or don’t know how to get it! Always keep in mind one simple fact, your customer has given you permission to send message only because they expect to receive something worth their while. Therefore make sure you plan the SMS/Text campaign in an innovative and profitable manner thus providing subscribers with something of value.

    Take a look at Business SMS/Text section of www.premiumtollfreevanity.com to know how you can send discounts, special offers, daily deals, store details, and other relevant information to your opt-in callers. SMS service on our toll-free vanity numbers is nationwide.

  6. Include Disclaimers

    As per CTIA, your text marketing message should include the clause "Msg & Data rates may apply". The Text marketing service that Premiumtollfreevanity offers helps insert these words by default in the correct places.

    The disclaimer appears only once when the subscriber joins your list and not every time he receives message from your end.

  7. Add Personal Touch

    Your SMS/Text should reflect your sincerity and willingness to connect with users. This is a one-to-one communication channel that works best when you render a personal touch to it. So the more you can personalize it, the better.

    At www.premiumtollfreevanity.com you can find an impressive collection of text templates which aim at making the task simpler for you. In case you want to create own templates to inform customers about upcoming promotions, coupons or special events, you can do that also.

To conclude, SMS/Text Marketing is here to stay simply because of high response rate and surprisingly low cost. The only thing is that you need to blend it well in your overall marketing plan. To know how, visit www.premiumtollfreevanity.com.

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