Best practices for effective and successful Email Marketing Campaign

Best practices for effective and successful Email Marketing Campaign
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The email marketing concept came into existence almost 38 years back when Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corp sent out first mass electronic mail to promote his company products. Though he targeted a miniscule 400 potential customers that time, the strategy worked instantly

Since then email is reigning as the king of digital channels because of its ability to create valuable, personal touch

When it comes to devising a successful internet marketing strategy, you just can’t overlook the power of email. Still there is a certain section of naysayers who feel that most emails die their natural death as a majority of recipients simply delete unknown messages the moment they enter the inbox. Is this true or statistics indicates otherwise?

Email Marketing Trends as Per Recent Statistics

Here we take a look at few amazing facts that emphasizes the power of email marketing

  • Around 61% consumers prefer receiving promotional emails on a weekly basis while 28% don’t mind receiving them even more frequently
  • Around three-quarters of companies support the fact that email can generate "excellent" to "good" ROI.
  • Around 89% marketers use email as their primary channel for lead generation
  • Almost 95% consumers who opt in to receive email messages from a brand find these messages somewhat or very useful
  • Email is considered the top source of analytics data for marketers, of whom 41% use their email marketing performance data.
  • Almost 60% adults check their email in the morning before even checking the newspaper

One the key factor that decides success or failure of such a campaign is its implementation. Continue reading to know few effective email marketing strategies which can help improve subscriber engagement in a cost effective manner

Best Email Marketing Practices

If your email marketing campaign is not providing expected result then check out our below listed easy-to-implement tips for greater lead generation

Focus on Creating a Clean Contact List: A high quality subscriber list can be your business’s best asset. Start by collecting email addresses from various sources and then group them as per your specific needs

If you have collected contacts through opt-in forms then do confirm their interest before you start sending emails

Not sure how? Then visit to manage your contact list efficiently and professionally. Use our robust CRM to send individual or mass emails as per requirement.

Check the Email Content before Sending: Imagine your prospect receiving an email with images that does not load properly, or there might be situations when you end up sending emails with grammatical errors, broken links or missing info. Such mistakes are strict No-No!

To ensure your email looks just perfect, you need to follow one simple rule. First send the email to yourself and see how it looks. You can also send it to your near ones for feedback

Take a look at the beautiful customizable templates offered by and you will surely find something that precisely suits your requirements. Also you can use your own email templates as needed

Track the Email Performance: Most marketers commit this one grave mistake i.e. they simply forget to track the email after pressing the ‘Send’ button! By doing this you are putting your campaign off the track.

Take a look at the Email tracking and reporting option of to know how to monitor every activity of the sent email. With the full feature tracking option you get to know the number of views, clicks, bounces, hard rejects and other relevant info. Based on your contacts’ behavior you can devise the next strategy

Schedule the email well: The entire purpose of the email is lost if you fail to send it in time. For instance you are going to start a baking class or planning to offer special discounts on weekend spa treatments. You need to ensure that your prospects receive the information well before the event

The automatic scheduling feature of can help you schedule the email just the way you want. You can remain worry-free by setting up the specific date and time of sending the email. This can help you control the situation in an efficient manner

Avoid Spam Messages: As an email marketer you need to be aware of spam contents and avoid sending such to your prospects. It helps if you know how spam filters work so that you can plan your content accordingly

To avoid being sifted by the spam filter, keep your content clean, relevant and consistent with your brand. Plan the subject line carefully so that the user instantly knows what’s in the email. Avoid too many capital letters, exclamation points and gimmicky lines or phrases

Make the most of Email Workflow: Your email should reflect your professionalism and dedication. Keep in mind your prospects want to be treated individually before they turn into dedicated customers. So if you keep sending bulk mail and wondering why it is not working then think again. Your prospects may not appreciate such generalized treatment!

The smart email workflow feature provided by can help you send customized email to specific group of contacts informing them about upcoming events or offers

With the workflow you can further plan your email based on contact activities i.e. whether they click particular links, how they respond to specific types of offers, whether they reject any specific messages and so on

To conclude, permission-based email marketing is here to stay, refuting all negative opinions. However the strategy only works when your innovative thinking attracts prospects and turns them into dedicated customers or buyers. Therefore a continuous analysis of the email marketing strategy is needed

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