The Essential Best Practices to Follow For In-Bound Calls

The Essential Best Practices to Follow For In-Bound Calls
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Consumer behavior has changed over years which has prompted companies to adopt different types of marketing strategies. This has provided the in-bound marketing movement a solid boost. With its ability to engage, attract and delight customers and prospects, in-bound marketing has been able to maintain a competitive edge over conventional marketing.

Present statistics indicates that people no more are receptive to traditional marketing methods because of the way these are executed. Imagine a situation when you are in the midst of an important meeting and you suddenly receive a cold call from a marketer who tries hard to convince you about his company products.

Important meeting and you suddenly receive a cold call

You open the email first thing in the morning only to be greeted with hordes of junk mails. Do you really enjoy when your favorite TV shows get interrupted with endless adverts! These are situations when outbound marketing can repel the prospect rather than attracting him.

Growing demand of in-bound call marketing

In-bound marketing on the other hand aims at turning strangers into customers by educating them at each step with varied innovative resources. Here are 8 statistics that support the growing demand of in-bound call marketing.

  1. As compared to traditional outbound marketing, the inbound strategy costs 62% less per lead.
  2. Approximately 65% of outbound marketers admit that their prime challenge is lead and traffic generation.
  3. 52% of consumers admit that their buying decision is impacted only because they couldn’t speak to a real person.
  4. 56% mobile searches lead to calls to the business in less than an hour.
  5. 70% of mobile searches decide to click the ‘Call’ button in search result
  6. Inbound calls can convert to revenue 10 to 15 times more than a web form lead.
  7. U.S. marketers spend a huge sum of $68 billion a year on ads that help generate in-bound calls.
  8. 66% sales managers rely on in-bound calls for lead generation rather than trying other options.

These above figures do prove the effectiveness of in-bound call marketing. However the one hitch that needs to be addressed is proper implementation of this type of marketing strategy. The good news is that by adopting some easy-to-follow rules you can easily provide a boost to your in-bound call campaigns.

A visit to would enlighten you about the best practices to follow for in-bound calls. Listed below are 5 key practices:-

Ensure easy access through memorable vanity number

Ensure easy access through memorable vanity number

Plan the phone number carefully so that people don’t have trouble memorizing it. If the caller fails to recollect the number at the right moment then the whole purpose of your in-bound marketing campaign remains unfulfilled.

Try toll-free vanity numbers of and you will surely notice a remarkable improvement in conversion rate. This is because our vanity numbers are one of a kind, which users can recall easily and share effortlessly.

Make the caller feel special with welcome messages

Make the caller feel special with welcome messages

The caller feels special when he receives something of value, such as discount coupon, relevant information or specials you are running. The call should be routed to real person than some pre-recorded voicemail or IVR system. This makes him feel that your business is approachable and accessible. This helps establish the business authenticity. brings to you an innovative feature whereby the caller can receive welcome text message in real-time while still on call. You can plan the welcome message the way you want. It can be discount coupons, upcoming events, map or address of your store or any other relevant information which you may want to share with your prospects.

If you license multiple area codes, you can change the welcome message per area code as well. Also we offer the flexibility to change the welcome message text as often as you want.

Call Reporting and Recording

Call Reporting and Recording

Real-time call reporting and tracking feature presented by lets you track all activities on your subscribed license for phone number. The call report details caller number, call duration, call status, and call recording and so on. You can generate the report based on area code, vanity number and extension/code.

Customize the communication based on conversation

Customize the communication based on conversation

Once you capture valuable data through call tracking that helps you understand the lead quality, and its responsiveness to the campaign. Accordingly you can develop a cross channel marketing strategy by bringing in other tools like SMS/Text and email.

Suppose the prospect has already called to enquire about your company product. You can follow it up by sending him an email providing further details about the product. Now if you are planning to offer discounts on that product you can inform him via SMS. presents an excellent cross-channel marketing platform which helps you stay tuned to your prospects and clients always.

Route the calls seamlessly

Route the calls seamlessly

There are businesses that operate from multiple locations, offer different services or run departmental stores in different locations. If they decide to maintain different numbers for each department/service, this can create confusion for the caller.

The all-in-one in-bound marketing solution offered by tackles such situations smartly. Our toll-free vanity numbers can be diverted to any landline/mobile/call center number without hassle. We can route your calls based on area codes or other specific requirements. This ensures you don’t miss a single call.

The routing feature further lets you connect to multiple phones at the same time. When the call is routed, you get to see the caller ID. Every detail about the call is logged in the call history report for future reference.

You can start adopting key measures to spruce up your in-bound call marketing strategy. If you feel marketing is not your cup of tea or you are too busy to handle this on your own then contact the expert team of right now. We will be glad to share with you the latest and greatest in-bound marketing techniques to turn your prospects into permanent customers!

Try our all-in-one marketing solution for FREE and see for yourself how effective it is.

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