Grow Community and Attendance with One Exceptional Tool

Grow Community and Attendance with One Exceptional Tool
Try our all-in-one marketing solution for FREE and see for yourself how effective it is.

Gone are the days when non-profit organizations used to rely on contributions of volunteers to spread their noble messages.

The conventional community marketing or cause marketing concept has undergone significant transformation. Organizations are adopting new practices like inbound marketing, SMS marketing, Mobile apps, and many more to reach out to greater number of people in shortest time.

The challenge for many charities, non-profit and religious organizations is to find an easy to use tool with cost and reach efficiencies build in.

They need a tool that can do all they need to reach and communicate with their audience, they need an all-in-one marketing software.

Such tool should address various facets of community building like awareness creation, communication and distribution of message to community in timely manner, attendance improvement, volunteer involvement and eventually assisting fundraising and many more. Rather than sending messages from time to time or distributing printed brochures an efficient all-in-one marketing tool makes it easier for the community to engage individuals in an interesting manner towards particular charitable cause.

The comprehensive all-in-one marketing tool offered by can fulfill all your marketing needs. It triggers a charity or cause marketing strategy based on data driven methodology while addressing all basic needs of a non-profit organization. Specified below are few such features:-

  • Community cause/action Specific Toll Free Vanity Phone Number (with Voice Keywords in-beta) – For inbound callin
  • Text/ SMS with text keywords for opt-ins, one-t-one or bulk SMS
  • Email Marketing ( with flexible and unique keyword emails)
  • Creation and Tracking of Multiple Campaigns and/or Projects
  • Cross Channel communication via in-bound calls, SMS/Text and Emails
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Real Time Easy to Understand Reporting and Analytics

Bring in Audience, Communicate and Create Active Participation with

Our all-in-one marketing tool effectively targets your potential audience/donors and nurtures them to the point of generating revenue. Listed below are five reasons that explain why investing in our software is a wise decision for community growth and development

  1. Have your audience Call, and/or send SMS/Text to an unforgettable number, such as

    All our toll free vanity phone numbers are SMS/Text enabled. Also they have voice keywords and extension to reach your organization just by calling these numbers.

    The phone calls can be routed to one location or multiple locations.

    With caller opt-in confirmation, system can send out an automated pre-defined SMS/Text to the caller instantly. This builds your authenticity and engagement.

  2. Text/SMS provides you option of sending SMS/Text in ways such as
    • Automated SMS/Text when caller calls with specific voice keyword
    • Automated SMS/Text when system receives SMS/Text with specific text keyword
    • One-to-one SMS to a phone number.
    • Bulk SMS/Text to distribute announcements and messages.

    All SMS/Text events are tracked and shown in real time on your dashboard reports.

  3. Email marketing campaigns can be accomplished with your organization email on you can use our vanity domain with email keywords. Either way you have effective email outreach. Email marketing is available with subscription with additional cost.

    There are 3 different ways an individual can reach your organization when you use as demonstrated in example below.

    Example: Subscribed toll free vanity number 1-THIS IS DIVI-NE (1-844-747-3484) with voice, text and email keyword as PRAY

    1. A prospective donor can call THIS IS DIVINE 1-844-747-3484 and say the keyword PRAY, and the call is forwarded to your organization number, and if you have set a pre-defined SMS for keyword PRAY, the system automatically sends it to caller.
    2. A prospective donor can send a Text message PRAY to THIS IS DIVINE 1-844-747-3484, the incoming number is added to your campaign contacts. If you have set a pre-defined SMS for keyword PRAY, the system automatically sends it as reply to the text.
    3. The donor can contact via an email either to your organization email on to an email such as [email protected] .
  4. We provide a huge library of email templates from which you can pick up the one that best suits your specific community cause.

    You can further avail customization option to make sure the email doesn’t go unnoticed. If you are planning a specific project for which you want to reach out to a particular group of contacts, then that can be done by setting up email workflows.

    The email tracking service lets you monitor whether the mail is opened, read, link clicks or simply deleted.

    With our robust CRM, you can upload as many contacts as you want and communicate with them the way you feel comfortable.

  5. System provides comprehensive real time call reporting. This specifically helps communities who want to expand their donor or volunteer list beyond their localities.

    The real time call report contains the caller number, duration, call status, call recording along with SMS/texting opt-in preference and any SMS/Text has been sent to caller.

    If the caller has shown interest towards a specific cause, you can henceforth keep him informed about upcoming projects or activities in that particular field.

  6. You can run multiple campaigns from a single vanity number. You can use different keywords to distinguish one campaign from another. This way you can track each campaign separately on dashboard and assess which one is fetching maximum response.

    For each campaign you can send different types of welcome messages and keep the caller informed about upcoming events.

Try our all-in-one marketing solution for FREE and see for yourself how effective it is.

It is a fact the conventional marketing concepts won’t work for non-profit, for cause, religious or charity organizations. You can grow with innovative and cost effective all-in-one marketing tool from!