How Your Small Business Can Compete With a Larger Competitor

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How Your Small Business Can Compete With a Larger Competitor.

A famous quote on business success goes like this, ’Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.’ If you have an efficient team to take care of the innovation part then you are half-lucky. The marketing part needs to be addressed as well, to survive in this cutthroat world of competition.

Often it is seen that companies offering great product or innovative service fail to survive simply because the word fails to reach targeted customers. Local businesses mostly suffer due to inability to generate precious leads. Dig a bit deeper and you will find that the solution lies in a simple and memorable toll-free number!.

At present around 90% Americans prefer to use toll-free numbers of which 58% like vanity numbers over numeric toll-free numbers. And why not, when it takes only a split second to recall numbers like 1-THIS IS SHOP (1-844-747-7467) or 1-THIS IS GIFT (1-844-747-4438)!

Before explaining how and why vanity numbers can make life easier in the business world, let’s take a look at the specific industries that stand to benefit the most:-

Food Delivery

food delivery vanity numbers

Just like car hire, people usually don’t plan to order a meal in advance. Often it is an impromptu weekend party or a sudden invitation when the food delivery company’s number is needed. Numbers like 1-THIS THE PIZZA (1-844-784-3749) and 1-THINK HOT D0G (1-844-654-6830) are bound to receive more calls.

Home care and related services

home care vanity numbers

These companies generally face stiff competition from other local service providers. The only way to brand their services is by picking up good vanity numbers that specify the business/service category like 1-THIS HELPER (1-844-743-5737), 1-THINK REROOF (1-844-6573766)(, 1-THIS BUILDER (1-844-728-4533), 1-THIS IS CLEAN (1-844-747-2532), 1-THIS IS BUILD (1-844-747-2845), and several more.

Hotels, motels

hotels motels Inns toll free vanity numbers

People typically search by hotel or restaurant names; seldom do they remember the number. So a hotel or restaurant would perform better by selecting vanity numbers directly related to its name/niche. Few examples are 1-THIS IS HOTEL (1-844-747-4683), 1-THIS 7 MOTEL (1-844-776-6835), and several more.

Beauty and Cosmetics

beauty and cosmetics vanity numbers

This is a segment that aims to create a dedicated client base. The only way to do so is by presenting clients with memorable toll-free numbers to simplify the booking and appointment processes. Vanity numbers like 1-THIS HAIRCUT (1-844-742-4728), 1-THIS STYLIST (1-844-778-9547), 1-THIS HAIR CARE (1-844-742-4722) can be of great help.

Healthcare and wellness centers, clinics

healthcare wellness centers eye care vanity numbers

During an emergency, people try to call the well-known hospital or reputable clinic. The name or service comes in mind first, never the number. With memorable numbers like 1-THIS EYE EXAM (1-844-739-3392), 1-THIS IS CYST (1-844-747-2978), 1-THIS NERVES (1-844-763-7837), 1-THIS IS LENS (1-844-747-5367), the healthcare provider can definitely offer better services.

Professionals like lawyers, tax consultants, doctors, trainers, insurance agents

lawyers tax consultants doctors trainers insurance agents vanity numbers

Anyone offering individual service can project a trustworthy and professional image with toll-free vanity numbers. Make sure that you license a number that relates to your service category and fulfills the needs of your audience. Try 1-THIS IS UR DOC (1-844-747-8736), 1-THIS TRAINING (1-844-787-2464), 1-THIS IS AGENT (1-844-747-2436), 1-THINK NO TAX (1-844-656-6829), 1-THIS MONEY MAN (1-844-766-6396) and so many more, for better result.

Besides the above, other business segments can also explore the vanity number option to stay competitive in market.

Our platform provides highly memorable, unique, authoritative, text enabled toll free numbers along with web site URLs with same phone phrases, text and email marketing, coupons, landing pages, automation and so much more to build a true tech savvy brand with little effort and cost. has over 5500+ unique numbers in 112 business categories. Number such as

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  • 1-THIS IS AUTO (1-844-747-2886)
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Some of the immense benefits business can gain from the platform are

Generate Innumerable Leads

Every call received for query purpose can be turned into future client with call tracking and analytics features offered by

Set Up Customer Reward Programs

Rewarding your dedicated customers and luring the new ones become easy with easy coupon generation and distribution feature supported by You can generate one-time or time bound coupons and distribute these through SMS or emails.

Send Business Emails and Text Messages

Once you acquire the toll-free number license, you can also get credits to send business emails and text messages . Thus you can stay in touch with your clients and keep them informed about ongoing offers/company activities and updates via business emails and texts. These mails and messages can be customized too.

Manage and Track Multiple Campaigns

There’s the flexibility to schedule, and manage different marketing campaigns to target diverse customer groups. Based on meaningful analytics, you can decide the next communication strategy. Such a tech-savvy marketing helps establish your company’s brand identity in the market.

Call Recording for Employee Training and Improvement

Based on call records, you can analyze the performance level of your employees especially the customer service department. The recording can be used to decide which department/employee is lagging behind and who are performing better.

A memorable toll-free vanity number is an effective marketing tool by itself. Once you have it for your business, spread the word by highlighting it in your online and offline ad campaigns. The number will do the rest and the result will be reflected in your business revenue.

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