Lead Generation - Outbound Vs Inbound; Generic Vs Brand Building

Lead Generation - Outbound Vs Inbound; Generic Vs Brand Building
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In any service business lead generation is one of the biggest tasks, the success of which determines the success of the business. Customers are life blood of the business, and more leads the business can generate, more chances of converting them to customers and thus revenue.

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The traditional lead generation methods are mostly outbound, where the business calls, sends out mail, or promotes with offers online, or in social media. Other recent trend is to buy leads from companies and pay them per lead. Many of these methods generate contacts but may not be true leads, they are testing waters, or checking out what you have to offer. They might not have real need for your services or offerings, but since they saw your promotion, they might click on it to learn more without actually thinking about buying, they may end up buying your services but the percentage is low compared to the leads who call or connect with you for real need to be met. Incentives matter but when everyone is presenting the same kind of incentives there is no real connection between your business and the crowd you are promoting to. The minute you stop promoting online or offline, your business is unknown to the crowd, and that prompts businesses to constantly pump in money in marketing or just have someone manage it or simply yet, just buy the leads.

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The real in bound marketing will help you establish the brand and have customer recall your brand and connect when need arises. The power of inbound marketing is in the brand recognition and ease of connecting to your business 24/7/365 when the customer needs your services.

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Let's imagine you do bath remodeling, and you promote your business using all the above methods, call out home owners, mail out your brochures, postcards, promote your offers on social media, and also buy ads in trade magazines to get noticed. Even after all this, the potential customers have several options of companies which are promoting the offers, or mailing postcards or advertising in trade magazine. How do you stand out? How do you command more attention of the potential customer? The answer lies in your brand, and recall of your brand for the customer to remember you, notice you and pay attention to what you have to offer.

Let's say you do the same things with one change, that being a unique number 1-THIS IS BATH, and allow customers to text or call and connect with you and also tell them to get current offers by texting a keyword or calling the number and saying the keyword. Now the potential customer has a memorable phone number to call even while he/she goes through the other business ads, and offers. You have established an anchor in the minds of your potential customers. It builds your brand, and expertise as Bath remodeling company because you have invested time and effort to make it easy for potential customer to remember you for what you do, that is bath remodeling.

This is where you generate relatively better and more leads for your business. More calls, more leads and more conversions because the caller remembers your number, and on top of that they can just text you and you can return call at your convenience.

Besides 1-THIS IS BATH (1-844-747-2284) there are over 4000+ unique numbers that www.premiumtollfreevanity.com offers. Our service includes call, click and text along with email marketing, coupon generation and reporting, call tracking and call recording. You do not miss a single call or text that comes to you, and can set up automatic coupon distribution to callers or when you receive texts. It generates quality leads as the caller or texter knows about your expertise and business service when you employ appropriate toll free vanity number like 1-THIS IS BATH for your business.

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