General Information

A toll free number is phone number that usually starts with (800, 844, 888, 866, 877, or 855) and where the customer associate with called number is responsible for the cost of the call and not the caller.

A toll free vanity number is a Toll Free Phone number where in the number or part of number spells a meaningful word or phrase using the letters associated with numbers on phone keypad.

Premium toll free vanity number is unique, memorable and desirable phone number wherein the entire phone number spells a meaningful word of phrase using the letters associated with numbers on phone keypad.

Free Forever Plan

Free forever plan is designed for business users to see the potential of our platform and use it as long as they want without paying anything and we don’t ever ask for credit card. We are positive that once you see how our platform is capable of bringing more customers to your business and improve your customer service level, you will upgrade to plan that is most suitable to your business.

You can pick any of our unique memorable premium toll free vanity phone numbers that match your business and sign up for free forever account.

Free forever plan has 50 SMS, 500 Emails and 10 Minutes inbound calls every month and it renews every month for free.

We may have our website name or logo along with your business name in messages you send out while you are on free forever Plan.

It does not end, unless you do not use the system at all for entire subscribed month. You can be on Free Forever plan as long as you want, the credits for SMS, call minutes and Emails reset every month. No credit card is required for Free Forever Plan. You can upgrade to any other plan by choosing a plan that suits your needs. You can pay monthly, or to get extra month of service if you pay yearly that’s it, no commitments! You can always downgrade your plan to Free Forever and keep using the system. The Free Forever plan is canceled only if you do not use the system for 1 whole month that is you do not send out any SMS/Texts, or Emails, or do not receive any calls on your selected premium toll free vanity number.

New User Orientation

Visit our website www.premiumtollfreevanity.com and select any of our unique memorable toll free phone numbers that match your business and sign up for free forever account at the least to try us out. If you already know the benefits of in-bound marketing and see the value in our service, you can directly sign up for any of our service plans. All the details for each plan are specific to the toll free vanity number you select.

You set up the account. Then configure your Voice and Text Keywords. Next you need to create your promotional flyer to display in store. You can post this promotional flyer on social media or anywhere you think your prospective customers look for you, or want to know about your business. Advertise as you would normally with your premium toll free number along with voice and text keywords.

Once you get your flyer posted and promoted, sit back and see the customers call or send you SMS (with your text keyword) these customers join your group for future promotions and when they send a SMS with Keyword or call in they will get a coupon or discount you provide. This discount coupon SMS can be set up from Dashboard.

With the new customers signed up to you SMS or call groups with their mobile numbers. When you need to run any promotion or want to share any information, you can go to account dashboard and send out SMS or Email or Voicemail to your customer groups. You can add your customer contacts and maintain their records, such as name, phone number and email etc. in the system. You can implement loyalty programs. With loyalty programs you can also see how many times a customer visited your store and to bring in the customers more often. You can see reporting of all call and SMS details on dashboard along with call recordings to monitor your staff customer service.

System How-To

  1. Log in to your account dashboard
  2. Click on SETUP NOW (blue button on accounts alerts on top middle of the page) or Go to SETTINGS menu, and then to Call/SMS settings sub menu item.
  3. Scroll down to Text Keywords , and click on ADD TEXT KEYWORD
  4. Enter your desired Text Keyword and save changes

While you are at Call/SMS Settings screen you can also update

  1. Call forwarding number (Where calls will be forwarded to)
  2. Voice mail email (Where you want the voicemails to be sent to when your phone is switched off and customers leaves voicemail on our system)
  3. WELCOME SMS ( It is SMS or Text that your customers receive when they call your number and enter your extension or code and opt in to receive your coupon. The call is connected to you and this predefined text (WELCOME SMS) goes out to the caller)
  4. Manage your contact groups or import new contacts