Why PremiumTollFreeVanity.com

Business marketing and bringing in leads is major task for any business, and having a continuous flow of new customers is what every business strives for. To achieve this, the business advertises in various channels, be it print, online, radio, TV, outdoors, display signs, yard signs, voicemail blasts, texts, email and more. The return on investment is often times a miss for several reasons among the top is lack of one easy tool to analyze the results from all the channels and plan spending strategically. This process of business advertising does not yield the intended result for the money invested.

Our all in one solution combines unforgettable toll free vanity number, text messaging, coupons delivery, bulk text messaging and email marketing with complete analytics and dashboard. Our reporting tracks every call, text, email and activity of your marketing.

Imagine if your customers are asked to remember THIS IS SALE to call you, interact with you, get the coupons and discounts you intend to give, would it be hard for them to recall the phrase and use it to call you and reach you? They will never forget that phrase, in fact they will tell everyone they know about you for making their life easy.

THIS IS SALE is one of the number we have in our inventory of over 2500 unique, unforgettable toll free vanity numbers, which you can use to bring in leads, text or run campaigns to market your brand.

The power of toll free vanity number lies in how easy it is for your customers/audience to recall it and use it. Just having a random 800, 866,888,855,844 number is not enough when these days people do not remember their own number correctly. They need something very easy, which needs no effort to absorb and recall when they need your products or services.

Our platform allows your customers to call the number let's say THIS IS SALE (1-844 747 7253) or text that number to reach you. When they call we can dispatch your coupons/message to their phone instantly while they are still on call with you. That will put you in their preferred list.

Our inventory of unique numbers covers most of categories, trades, industries, and business lines one can think of. Our numbers are unique, each number is a complete statement for your business or your expertise. Like THIS IS CHEF, THIS IS SHOP, THIS IS MALL and so many more. Visit our site www.premiumtollfreevanity.com to find out what is best suited number for you, and start utilizing the power of easy.