Business SMS Text Marketing Features

Simple Sign up for SMS/TEXT Campaigns
There are multiple ways you can sign up your customers for Text/SMS Campaigns.
  1. Customer calling your toll free vanity number, agreeing to opt in and entering your code
  2. Customer Sending a text to your toll free vanity number with your code
  3. Customer Sending a text to your toll free vanity number with your keyword (Coming in October 2016)
Unlimited contacts
Every call you get and every text you get from unique phone number is added to your default contact group. However you can upload your own contact list using excel format as provided. There is no limit on how many contacts you can have and use.
Auto Responders
Depending on your needs you can setup Auto responders to send out text when you receive a certain keyword in the text. The system will automatically send out the text to the phone number from which the text is received. (Coming in October)
Run Polls
Polls are as easy as texting options to your toll free vanity number along with your code. Or your customers can call and select the options you have provided. It cannot be simpler than this. Our robust SMS system will analyze and build you real time reports for your polls.
You can select one custom KEYWORD for free with each order of toll free vanity number. You can ask your customers to text KEYWORD to your toll free vanity number to opt-in for your promotions and automatically send out the coupons/messages/information to them via text. You get the customer sign up information in your dashboard right away (KEYWORDS coming in October 2016).
Vanity Numbers are TEXT/SMS Enabled (send and receive SMS/Text)
Our Toll Free Vanity Numbers are fully text enabled. What it means is, anyone can text this number and you can text anyone from this number. Our dashboard allows you to send and receive text messages. Also you can send bulk texts with real time tracking. You can build or use existing text templates to expedite communicate with your customers/audience.
Real Time Welcome Text/Coupon/Message delivery for Opt-In callers.
This is ground breaking innovation and comes standard with all license types. When a caller calls and opts-in to receive text, immediately while the caller is still on call we will send out your welcome message to the caller, this message can be a discount coupon, your retail store address, map, website, information or specials you are running, or can be anything which fits 140 characters. We have created text templates for you to assist and design your own welcome text for your customers. You can change welcome text message as often as you want.

If you have more than one area code licensed for the same vanity number, then you have option to send different welcome messages for callers from each area codes you have licensed. It is very flexible and will get you leads rolling in with each call, with proper welcome message.
Bulk Texting Enabled
You can send text messages to several contacts at once, if you have name fields entered for your contacts in our CRM then, you can even personalize the text message to each individual.

You can upload all your opt-in contacts and can group various contacts according to your needs. You can send text to all the contacts or groups of contacts at the same time. You can make use of our text template library to build your text message. All the text messages are tracked individually as well as batch. You know exactly what was sent, when and to whom.
Real Time Reporting
System provides very robust dashboard with real time reporting on all the Text/SMS activity. You have options to communicate directly to the caller via text with one click. You can send out bulk texts as well. Our reporting provides all the activity on every text that is originated from you or received by you.

SMS Reports
  • SMS sent status
  • SMS sent to number
  • SMS sent Text
  • SMS sent Timestamp
  • If it is bulk text, you will also have batch information of bulk text and status of each text in the batch
Text Template Library
We have created text template library to assist you as you sign up. Later on if you decide you can build your own text template library for any occasion you can think of, such as announcements, promotions, coupons, information sharing, and so on. You can utilize your own text template library to send out bulk texts or single texts.
Text Scheduling /Recurring Campaigns
Scheduling tool allows you to send out bulk or single Text/SMS at specific day and time to meet your requirements and increase conversion/response to your marketing. (coming in October)
Drip Text Campaigns
Use this to send out series of Text/SMS messages at different intervals/times to gather responses from group of contacts. It will help follow up on contacts and generate interest and conversions. (Coming in October)
System allows to personalize any Text/SMS message by inserting name fields in the text as required. For this to work you have to have name fields populated in our CRM system.