Email Marketing Features

Customizable Templates
Use our beautiful customizable templates to send out crafted email messages to your customers. Our email templates library keeps growing with each week. Templates are suited for most of your needs. If you need anything specific, please do let us know to add them to our template library. We also give you flexibility to bring in your own email templates for use.
Automatic Scheduling
You can plan ahead and schedule your emails for any specific day-time in future and not worry about missing the opportunity. Scheduling emails ahead of time gives you flexibility and lets you take control of time to communicate with your customers.
Contact Management
There is no limit on how many contacts you can upload, create and use. You can group contacts for your specific needs and send out messages to groups or all the contacts as you choose. Our CRM is robust and allows you to send out email messages to individual contact or to all in certain group or entire contact list
Email Tracking and Reporting
Email tracking logs every activity on sent emails, such as, when the receiver opened the email, clicked on link, unsubscribed and how many times the receiver viewed it along with the content that was received by the contact. The full feature tracking shows you counts, bounces, hard rejects and everything you would need to know your contact list and customer behavior so that you can devise proper strategy based on statistics.
Auto Responders
You can send out automated emails for triggered events from your contacts. It will automatically deliver the content via email to your contacts when they request without your involvement.
Email Workflows
Email workflows allow you to customize the series of emails based on your campaigns targeted towards particular group of contacts. The workflow also accounts for contact activities and based on contact activity (such as clicking on a link) delivers the proper email to that contact.