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B2C Marketing platform with Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers, SMS, Emails, Coupons, Appointments, Social Media and Directory Listing All in One

B2C Marketing platform with Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers, SMS, Emails, Coupons, Appointments, Social Media and Directory Listing All in One.

What is in best interest of your business, when it comes to marketing? My guess would be: More impact, more leads, less work, lower price, excellent support and one place for everything to manage .

Is that right?

If you answered yes then keep reading

There are email marketing programs, costing anywhere from $45 to $ 300 a month, but they do not have SMS Marketing, Inbound calls for lead generation, appointment management, social media broadcasting, or directory listing. To get all these features you need to buy 5-7 more programs and integrate them with email program and hope they all work in sync, and also be ready to pay out in thousands a month to get all of these programs. Also you have to hire a professional to manage everything.

Are you ready to spend thousands and hire a professional to manage your marketing, hope and pray that whoever you hire does it right? If you say yes to this, more power to you.


You want everything in one place, and manage it all yourself, schedule all, check on phone, and be a pro yourself tackling any need, be it email marketing, SMS/Text marketing, on-demand coupons, flyers, social media etc. ?

If you want to be a pro, pay less, have everything in one place, access support almost 24/7 using call, chat, email or text then you need our platform . gives you all the tools to be successful marketing superstar for your business with less effort and lot less money than any other program in the market, if you find a better one, you can get LIFETIME FREE membership to our platform. All we ask you to compare is, apples to apples, features to features, and uniqueness to uniqueness.

In short this is what you can do with our unique platform.

Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers and Coupons: First find a memorable phone number for inbound calls. We have over 112 categories and database of over 5000+ unique phone numbers (authoritative phrases) to license.

All our numbers are text enabled toll free vanity phone numbers with the matching domain names to advertise your product or service on
such as :

1-THIS IS SALE (1-844-747-7253)

1-THIS IS SHOP (1-844-747-7467)

1-THIS IS CLUB (1-844-747-2582)

1-THIS IS GAME (1-844-747-4263)

1-THIS IS DATE (1-844-747-3283)

1-THINK OF PET (1-844-656-3738)

1-THINK OF DOG (1-844-656-3364)

1-THIS LOW FAT (1-844-756-9328)

1-THIS STYLIST (1-844778-9547)

and 5000+ unique ones.

Now you have phone number which can receive and send out text/SMS for your business. These numbers are unique and only available for licensing along with keywords (explained later).

We can find a unique number for your business as well, if you want to buy outright. We can text enable your number and connect to our platform.

Once you decided on the high recall toll free vanity phone number, you need to decide on voice and text keywords to be used along with licensed number. These keywords give you the opportunity to sell to your prospects, build your VIP list, and distribute on-demand coupons. These keywords allow platform to forwards calls to your designated personal or business phone numbers.

Voice Keywords: When caller calls your licensed number, the voice prompts guide the caller to say the keyword and receive the coupons. They can choose to opt out for coupons as well. Once the keyword is spoken and confirmed, the call is forwarded to your designate phone number. At the same time, if the caller opted in, we can dispatch the discount coupons attached to that keyword (which you can create on our platform). This saves you time and gives the caller coupons on demand to their mobile phone as SMS/Text. Besides coupons you can choose to send links or any other message.

Text Keywords: Texter texts the keyword to your licensed toll free vanity number and receives the same discount coupon or message associated with that keyword.

Call Tracking: You can track the calls by keywords, also you can use the phone number and keyword combination to identify the search keywords in your campaigns effortlessly.

Call Recording: It helps identify and improve customer service issues when calls are recorded. Recorded calls can help train people on how to interact with callers to improve customer satisfaction.

Flyer Creation: You can create flyer to display in your store or broadcast on social media with just couple clicks. It will design your flyer with your licensed vanity number, text and voice keywords. You can select background and text colour, put in your business name and tag line. You can create multiple flyers, download and use.

Contacts Management: Platform creates contact groups for each of your keywords. You can also import your contacts, create lists, and groups to send out SMS/Text or Emails.

SMS and Email Marketing: Platform provides powerful SMS marketing and Email marketing , with features that save you time such as personalization of SMS and Email messages, custom templates for SMS and Email messages and scheduling ahead of time, and much more.

Appointments: You can schedule or allow your contacts or new leads/prospects to schedule the appointment with you. You can see all the appointments lined up for you with contact details ready to go on your calendar.

Social Media: It integrates with Twitter and Facebook to automatically broadcast your messages on social media with couple clicks.

Directory Listing: Along with popular directory listings your business can be listed on our network sites. Each toll free vanity number has same phrase domain name, where we can list your business for more exposure. You get ratings, comments and reviews from these directory listings as well. The directories are specific to niche categories and often tied to keyword searches related to your category of business that helps maximum exposure.

Analytics and Reporting: You can see all the calls, texts, email data, response data and figure out your campaign effectiveness, tweak it as needed based on the analytical data from our dashboard.

You can try our platform for FREE to see what you can get, and how easy it is to use. The free tier is limited but gives you opportunity to explore and see how easy your lead generation process, email and SMS/Text marketing can be.

Along with the platform, that you can manage marketing by yourself, we also offer end to end marketing services to enhance your business visibility. The additional service offers are as below :

  • 1.Postcard creation, and mailing (USA Only)
  • 2.SEO services
  • 3.Facebook Ad creation and marketing
  • 4.Google AdWords marketing
  • 5.Enhanced Social media marketing
  • 6.Graphic Designing
  • 7.Enhanced Directory listing
  • 8.Website design and development
  • 9.Mobile apps
  • 10.Content creation (articles, blogs)
  • 11.Advertising on our network sites
  • 12.Online Reputation management
  • 13.We can also provide dedicated staff for
    • a.SEO
    • b.Social media marketing
    • c.Graphic designing
    • d.Customer Support
    • e.Tele sales
    • f.Web development
    • g.Online chat management ( for 24/7 sales and support)

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