5 tools to increase 10 Times more calls/texts from inbound marketing

5 tools to increase 10 Times more calls/texts from inbound marketing
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Just 5 tools, beside several more that platform offers and can offer.

  • 1.Memorable number
  • 2. Call tracking
  • 3. Texting feature on the number being called
  • 4. On-demand coupon delivery to your callers and texters
  • 5. Option of being in touch with SMS or email, Email marketing on same platform.

Before I detail the above, I want to ask you few questions and see if you really need something that works and willing to take some action to grow.

Do you really want to cold call to find who wants to buy your product or service?

Do you really want the rejection and unknowns that come with cold calling your prospects?

Why does phone number 1-800 FLOWERS make a billion+ Dollar Company, do you know the worth of your company’s phone number?

If you answered NO to above questions, then you might be interested in something simple, within budget (FREE) and utilize tools mentioned above to get leads and close sales.

There is power in recall value of your phone number. If your phone number is memorable, you get more calls than others who do not have memorable phone number

With simple addition of memorable phone number, you add that value to your business. Try 1- THIS IS SALE (1-844-747-7253) or 1-THIS IS SHOP (1-844-747-7467) ). These are real numbers with complete authoritative punch to them. You want such numbers to increase your brand visibility and inbound calls

add value to your business with vanity phone numbers

If you track each call, as it comes in, with knowledge of which keyword attracted caller to call that number, you get even more insight in selling what prospect is looking for.

Call Tracking

Also give that prospect, option to text the same your keyword instead of calling, it increases your engagement even more. People sometimes do not have patience or time to call and talk to a person, text works best for them.

Text Marketing - text the same your keyword instead of calling

Give them something of real value (like discount coupons) when they call or text you. This is closer for your sale. Would it be logical for your prospect to choose your competitor over you, when you gave a discount coupon for same product or service? I don’t think so. More often they will choose you with discount coupon.

Discount Coupons

If you can integrate emails with text and inbound calls and make it seamless, have your callers or texters choose how they want to be in touch, and you honor their choice that will add more brawny points to your customer service and more loyalty from your prospects and customers.

emails with text and inbound calls premium toll free vanity

At www.premiumtollfreevanity.com the numbers such as 1-THIS IS SALE or 1-THIS IS SHOP are available for licensing. These numbers are text enabled. You can use multiple keywords with each number and track calls and conversions.

Call Tracking and Conversion Tracking

This is how it works the caller calls the number let’s say 1-THIS IS SALE. The voice prompts guide the person to receive the coupons and also say the keyword they saw from the ad, website, or article etc. Once the keyword is spoken, we confirm and send the call to be processed either forward to your phone number, or send to voice mail. At the same time we can dispatch the discount offer attached to that keyword (which you can create on our platform). This saves you time and gives the caller coupons on demand.

Texter texts the keyword to 1-THIS IS SALE (or any number you choose from our 4000+ unique number inventory) and receive the same discount coupon.

You will receive the contact details of the caller or texter to follow up and close the sale if they are still thinking about it.

If you are in luck, you can get the free account to use this number (1-THIS IS SALE) or one of the 4000+ unique numbers catered to over 110 categories. We are closing free trial feature soon so hurry up and make use of this offer. Only downside is you may receive new leads without doing anything. If you don’t like leads stay away please.

get the free account to use this number

Secret note: You can get 500 business cards specially designed for you. You pay only shipping $ 7.99 for 500 cards. These cards will have the vanity number with primary keyword and your company phone number all in one business card, you can test which phone number is getting more calls for you. Your personal/company number or our unique vanity number.

Try our all-in-one marketing solution for FREE and see for yourself how effective it is.