All-In-One Must Have Inbound Business Marketing Tool in 2017

increase inbound calls with vanity numbers, SMS/Text and Email Marketing
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In today’s competitive world it is essential that you have effective marketing plan, no matter how small your business is. Just the mere idea of putting money to buy separate software for Toll Free Vanity Numbers, Phone System, Business SMS/Text marketing, Email Marketing, automation, CRM, content management, SEO would deter many from taking the next step.

Solution in such scenarios comes in the form of all-in-one inbound marketing tool.

An inbound marketing platform is basically defined as an integrated package that aims at bringing potential customers towards your company, product or service.

This is the new-age marketing concept which is very different from the conventional one where the product or service is pushed to the client.

Initially inbound marketing was confined to SEO and content marketing only. That concept has changed as inbound marketing now encompasses digital marketing in its entirety.

In-bound marketing essentially prequalifies your leads, the leads who call or connect already know what they want and most likely want it now.

Here we take a look at various features of the best all-in-one inbound marketing tool, only kind in market place, offered by We further explain why it would be wise and economical to invest in such all-in-one marketing solution with major emphasis on in-bound marketing.

Basic features and capabilities of

  • Business Specific Memorable Toll Free Vanity Phone Number with Voice Keywords(in beta)
  • Business SMS/Text (Text Keywords)
  • Email (Email keywords)
  • Coupon Generation, Management and Distribution
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Lead Management
  • Creation and Tracking of Multiple Campaigns
  • Cross Channel Marketing among In-bound calls, SMS/Text and Emails
  • Integration of all your Calls, SMS/Texts, and Emails in One System
  • Easy to Understand Reporting and Analytics

Make it easy for your prospects and customers to reach you by using

You want to use a software that works for your business and molds to your way of doing things, at the same time delivering on your expectations without learning is possible with

Memorable Toll-free Vanity Phone Numbers with Voice Keywords (in-beta)

If you think our vanity phone numbers are like typical toll-free telephone numbers then you are getting it all wrong!

Standard toll-free vanity numbers are bit complicated which you may find hard to recollect during urgencies.

However our numbers are surprisingly simple and unique too. Once you hear it you can remember it easily and share it effortlessly. Some examples are 1-THIS IS SALE; 1-THIN IN 4 WEEKS; 1-THIS IS CHEF; 1-THIS IS DATE and 3800+ more

Try our toll-free vanity numbers and you will surely notice a remarkable change in your in-bound call volume. To connect with your business, caller can say the voice keyword or simply enter your store code.

Our numbers are SMS/Text enabled.

With the real-time welcome coupon/message delivery service you can distribute a discount coupon or inform the caller about upcoming special offers all via SMS/Text.

The number can be diverted to landline/mobile/call center and one or many numbers with intelligent routing based on area code of caller, customization to your specific needs are very likely possible.

You can check what is in store for your specific business and needs

Business SMS/Text with text Keywords

Our highly productive SMS/Text campaign has a simple sign-up procedure.

All you have to do is to have your prospect send the keyword to your Toll Free Vanity Number to sign up and receive your offers.

You can stay tuned to unlimited contacts and exhibit your professionalism by setting up auto responders, coupons, messages etc. You can run polls to feel the pulse of your targeted clientele.

We have unique service that lets you set up discount coupons, or text for specific keyword, or segment of clients which gets delivered to the opt-in callers.

Then there are further options like bulk texting, real time reporting, scheduling, drip messaging etc.

Email with Keywords

To make it easy for your prospects you can define keywords for your email and you can get email box ending with your Vanity Phone phrase.

Example: If you intend to use toll free vanity number 1-THIS IS SALE with keyword SHOES for voice, text and email, then your prospect or customer has 3 easy ways to reach you to inquire or get a coupon from you instantly via SMS or Email.

  1. They can call 1-THIS IS SALE (1-844 747 7253) and say the keyword SHOES.
  2. They can text SHOES to 1-THIS IS SALE (1-844 747 7253) or
  3. They can email [email protected]

We make sure the email you send gets noticed with our customizable templates. We maintain a vast email template library which is updated regularly.

With automatic scheduling you can decide beforehand when to send your emails. We further offer easy contact management so that you can send emails to as many people or groups you want.

With tracking and reporting you get instant feedback about receivers’ response to the email.

With the automated email feature you can inform your contacts about upcoming events or special services; all these without your active involvement.

The email workflow facilitates customization of emails based on specific campaigns that target particular group of contacts

To conclude

Our mission is simple which is to provide businesses marketing and communication tools to empower their prospects and customers reach and communicate with them effortlessly. In the process we intend to generate quality leads for our clients and assist them with our platform to build brand and tech savvy image to grow exponentially.

So it’s time to let go of the shackles of conventional marketing and bask in the glory of success with the best all-in-one inbound marketing tool from !

Try our all-in-one marketing solution for FREE and see for yourself how effective it is.