Earn More Revenue from Beauty Services by Using the Best All-in-one Marketing Tool

Earn More Revenue from Beauty Services by Using the Best All-in-one Marketing Tool
Try our all-in-one marketing solution for FREE and see for yourself how effective it is.

The U.S. cosmetic industry is expected to generate revenue amounting to around $63 billion in the year 2016, with projected annual growth rate of 3.8% till 2018. However to gain a piece of this big consumer spend companies in beauty segment need to be prepared, with proper planning, strategy and appropriate marketing tools that deliver results.

Few Challenges Faced By Small to Mid-Size Companies Offering Beauty Services and Products:-

  • Absence of a well thought out marketing strategy
  • Inadequate planning to balance the supply and demand
  • Inability to understand changing demands of buyers
  • Inefficient on-time delivery system

The unique PremiumTollFreeVanity.com platform provides companies in cosmetics and beauty products and services segment with the right marketing tools to meet marketing and customer preference challenges efficiently. With our customized marketing program, the company can plan promotions, discounts, customer loyalty and follow-up programs, and also create awareness about new beauty products/services. This ultimately helps establish the brand presence in the market which gets reflected in their earning too.

Which beauty services benefit the most from our customized in-bound marketing program?

Which beauty services benefit the most from our customized in-bound marketing program?

The solution offered by PremiumTollFreeVanity.com aims at meeting complete marketing and promotions requirements of the beauty industry. Our services basically cover:-

  • Departmental or retail stores that sell beauty products, both online and offline
  • Beauty shops with both online and offline presence
  • Cosmetic brands that sell their products directly via online and offline platforms
  • Beauty salons that offer services and sell products
  • Franchise brands in this segment.
  • Cosmetic Startups.
  • Internet and TV brands promoting their unique products or services.

Premium Features of Premiumtollfreevanity.Com Customized For Beauty Segment

  1. Simple and unforgettable toll-free vanity phone numbers, customized for the beauty and cosmetic industry. Few examples are:-

    Simple and unforgettable toll free vanity phone numbers

    1-THINNERFUL (1-844-663-7385)
    1-THINK MY SPA (1-844-656-9772)
    1-THIN FACIAL (1-844-632-2425)
    1-THIS IS GIRL (1-844-747-4475)
    1-THIS HAIRCUT (1-844-742-4728)
    1-THIS IS PROM (1-844-747-7766)
    1-THIS IS MALL (1-844-747-6255)
    1-THIS IS SHOP (1-844-747-7467)
    1-866-WAXINGS (1-866-929-4647)
    1-THIS NAIL SPA (1-844-762-4577)
    1-THIS IS JEWEL (1-844-747-5393)
    1-THINK COUTURE (1-844-652-6888)
    1-THINNER LOOK (1-844-663-7566)
    1-THIS HAIR CARE (1-844-742-4722)
    1-THINK FASHION (1-844-653-2744)
    1-THIS WEDDING (1-844-793-3346)
    1-THIS STYLIST (1-844-778-9547) And many more

    Our vanity numbers support some great features like

    • Real-time message/coupons/discounts for opt-in callers
    • Bulk or personalized texting
    • Automated SMS response to the user’s call with voice keyword
    • Call-routing to landline/mobile/call center
    • Call tracking and call report generation
    • Multi-campaigning

  2. Text/SMS (keyword enabled) with unique attributes like
    Sms text marketing keyword enabled

  3. Email Marketing (email keyword enabled) that supports features like
    Email marketing keyword enabled

    • Access to our vanity domain for sending /receiving emails
    • Automatic scheduling of mails to match product launch/special offers/events
    • Vast email template library to send customized emails
    • Tracking of email performance
    • Auto-response
    • Customization of email series with email workflows

  4. Coupon Generation and distribution can be done via SMS, Email and can be sent to incoming calls as welcome text message.
    Coupon generation and distribution

  5. Social Media: Facebook and Twitter are all integrated and can be used to promote your brand from our platform directly.
    Social media marketing vanity numbers

  6. Customer loyalty programs to incentivize dedicated customers with special discounts/promo codes/deals of the day. These programs ensure that your clients remain loyal to your cosmetic brands and/or beauty salon services.
    Customer loyalty programs

  7. Multi-channel marketing strategy that helps derive maximum gain from in-bound calls, email and text marketing campaigns.
    Multi-channel marketing strategy

  8. Customer relationship management that supports uploading unlimited contacts and managing them the way you want. The customer information is collected from callers along with their opt-in information when they make calls or send text messages to the vanity number.
    Customer relationship management

Advantages of Using Premiumtollfreevanity.Com Marketing Platform for Beauty Business

Beauty services though in good demand, have fierce competition in marketplace. To grow and establish they need an exclusive marketing tool to constantly communicate innovatively and promote their brand/store/services. With our memorable toll-free vanity number and the all-in-one business marketing platform you can easily improve your store/brand/service reputation and thus generate maximum return on your investments in minimum time. Here we discuss five prime benefits of using our package:-

  1. Reduce promotion costs
    Reduce promotion costs

    If you are already a part of or planning to start a beauty shop or beauty salon and spa then spreading the words must be your prime concern. Getting in more customers through advertisement, be it social media, print, flyers, word of mouth or your past clients reaching out to you. You need an easy to remember reachable number which signifies your expertise or brand. That is all possible with www.premiumtollfreevanity.com .

    With toll-free vanity numbers of www.premiumtollfreevanity.com and you will notice a drastic reduction in promotion costs yet with better result. The crux of our in-bound strategy is to make prospects call you rather than making you knock their door. Our simple and unique toll-free numbers are planned such that prospects/buyers can instantly remember your number and also connect it to your product/service.

  2. Expand Outreach Beyond Local Zone
    Expand outreach beyond local zone

    Taking the beauty business beyond local search boundary is not easy. For this you need a customized marketing strategy that addresses your business needs and suggests solutions accordingly.

    With www.Premiumtollfreevanity.com you can build authentic client list using SMS marketing, giving out coupons, discounts, freebies, self-help lessons and so much more. Then you can plan multiple campaigns aimed towards different customer segments and geographical locations or area codes. You can use call tracking feature, SMS marketing response to assess which customer segment or geographical location or area code is responding well to what type of campaigns and take actions accordingly.

  3. Plan discounts/deals for specific days/seasons/holidays
    Plan discounts deals for specific days seasons holidays

    Beauty salons and beauty shops often target the festive seasons/holidays/weekends to plan their discounts/deals. The www.PremiumTollFreeVanity.com in-bound marketing platform makes it easy to offer discounts/coupons/promo codes as real time welcome messages.

    The moment the prospect calls or sends SMS to the vanity number these offers/information get relayed. Such easy availability of instant coupons/discounts often encourages buyers to plan an early visit to the particular store/ salon.

    If you have significant online presence then you can provide links to your website also in the form of welcome message.

  4. Save Time by Auto-Scheduling Your Campaigns
    Save time by auto scheduling your campaigns

    There may be instances when you remain too busy planning an event, an inauguration or product launch, that you simply overlook the SMS/email part. The auto-scheduling option offered by PremiumTollFreeVanity.com takes care of this.

    You can schedule your bulk or personalized texts/email in advance and send on the specific day or time, prior to the special event or promotion.

  5. Devise a Flawless Marketing Strategy Based On Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
    Marketing strategy based on real time reporting and analytics

    Based on real-time reporting you can analyze your prospect/consumer trends, their requirements and plan the marketing strategy accordingly. Use our in-bound marketing tool to generate call/SMS/email reports, as per area code/vanity number/extension.

    The report tells how the consumers/ prospects are responding to your campaigns and what you need to do to boost your SMS marketing or email marketing strategies.

To Conclude
If you are in beauty services, and want to turn your new customers into repeat ones or one-off customers into regular visitors then try the cost effective all-in-one marketing solution from www.PremiumTollFreeVanity.com . Your beauty business will soon reach new peak!

Try our all-in-one marketing solution for FREE and see for yourself how effective it is.